Saturday, 18 February 2017


A Shoe bill stork at Mabamba swamp

Mabamba is a small wetland perched on outskirts of Lake Victoria Uganda. This wetland came to the lime light of Uganda's tourism years back after it's inclusion as a Ramsar site. It has a great impact on Uganda's tourism as far as birding tours in Uganda are concerned.
Among the safari tours undertaken in Uganda, Mabamba has been on a bucket list for many travellers interested in doing birding in Uganda

Mabamba is located not so far from Uganda's capital, Kampala and it is approximately 50 Km south of the city, a journey of 1 and a half hours by road.
The journey to Mabamba is an interesting experiience availing incredible opportunities of exploring various bird species such as Papyrus Gonolek, white shouldered Tit, Red cap, western banded snake eagle, white winged Wabler, white spotted fluftail and weyns weaver.
The island boasts of being home to the most sought after Shoebill stork - one of the incredible bird species in Africa that one won't afford to miss while on a Safari in Uganda. A shoe bill stork is such a wonderful bird that has for long been a centre of attraction in Uganda, and viewing it would spice up any Africa / Uganda safari.
On arrival in Mabamba, a canoe experience is what will welcome as you begin a journey to look out for the most elusive birds in this hidden gem.
Head to the interior of the swamp under the guidance of a local expert guide and paddle through the narrow water channels sorrounded by dense and lush swamp vegetation. The wetland presents a variety of marvelous species of birds including the elusive and endangered shoebill stork, Allen's and Purple Gallinule, grey herons, Jacanas, Ruffaus squaco, the globally threatened pallid harrier and Ballied heron. Other species of interest inlclude; Swamp swallow, ducks and eglets among other birds can be explore here. Also the swamp dweller, Sitatunga antelope may be seen in this wetland.

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