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Uganda is a paradise of the birds of the prey with almost 90 species varying from tiny to huge bird species; for example pygmy falcon found in Kidepo national park, crowned eagles and the owls, huge pels, fishing owls, minute African scops owls in rain forests, these all have the same characteristics that is attacking and killing their prey using powerful grasping feet and scaring long and sharp talon.
This is one of the famous birds of prey representing at least 20 deadly species, including the crowned eagles, martial eagles, fish eagles, hawk eagles, black chested snake eagle, they are very powerful predators, despite its strength and the level of its intelligence, since it flies and lives in the canopy granting it chance to instantly grab monkeys, bush bucks, antelopes killing using its sharp claws.
The martial Eagle
It’s scientifically known as polemaetus bellicosus, mostly found in savannah, and cousins to the crowned eagles with a weight of 4-6 kg. It’s less powerful and different but having proportionally long wings that it uses when hunting. It feeds on animals such as Oribi, young warthogs, vervet monkeys, monitor lizard. And it has a long life span, for a period of up to 20 years.
The most commonly seen eagles in Uganda include the long crested eagle that is found anywhere, like on top of telephone transmission lines, poles looking for rats as its favorite and the main delicious dish. They are commonly found in Kampala due to hundreds of marabou stocks, pied crows, black kite, human waste and it purely signifies Uganda’s nature.
Falcons fly at a height of up to 1-2 km where they can watch for unsuspecting doves and also known to be the fastest hunter of all predators and they are mostly found on top of buildings looking for humble pigeons and the laughing doves.
 Uganda therefore has two races of falcons, that is the falcon minor and the European migrant; the ones in Kampala are smart looking with grey kestel. They are also mostly found in Murchison falls national park.
It’s very common in Kampala, feeds on other birds and it’s also known as stealth hunter, that surprises and ambushes its favorite prey from a beautiful looking dense cover in addition the only way you can know  the African goshawk is when it’s in the garden  making alarming rescue call from other birds that it has just killed.
Other major birds of prey in Uganda include;-
The Lizard Buzzard
The lizard buzzard, as its name sounds is commonly seen in Kampala, perched on the pole of telephone wires, as it pounces towards its prey.
Bat hawk
This is mostly found in Kampala, it’s crepuscular in nature and it comes as a results of dust and millions of bats; commonly seen around Kololo hill.

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