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Uganda is Africa’s premier birding destination with endemic bird species that can be only seen in Uganda and these birds are found in different habitats such as the savannah plains, wetlands, forests and mountains. Uganda has over 1,061 bird spices and some of these birds are unique to Uganda.
The following are exceptional, remarkable bird spices in Uganda;

 This bird is well knowns as shoe billed and it clearly resembles its name because of its massive shoe-shaped bill. The bird is a large gery swamp-dweller closely related to the pelicans and it’s one of the endemic bird species in Uganda. And it’s commonly found in the swamps surrounding Lake Opeta in soroti, Mabamba wetland on L. Victoria, L. Albert, etc.

This bird is closely related to the crane family, found only in eastern and southern Africa, it’s the national bird of Uganda; the grey crowned crane is closely related to the black crowned crane, these two birds are sometimes treated in the same way both are separable on basis of genetic evidence plumassel and rare parts in east Africa.
The species have a beeding display which involves dances, jumping, bowing and it has honking sound and it’s different from others rare species; it’s commonly found in savannah and in cultivated lands, flat lands, river, lakes in Uganda.
The grey crowned cranes feed on plants, frogs, worms, snakes, and insects during day time there are looking for food to eat and spend a night in trees sleeping and relaxing during night time.


It’s tall and very easy to be viewed by the bird watchers; it weighs between 1.2 and 2.7kg with height of 80-90cm. These bird species have got two colors white and pinkish. They move when their heads are bowed down, one can only see the flamingo species manly around Katwe area in Queen Elizabeth national park on those beautiful crater lakes adjacent to the Kyambura wildlife reserve.
These are small colorful birds, and they ae often iridescent nectar -eaters with long curved bills. In Uganda, there are about 30 species representing the scarlet-chested sunbird. And it’s one of the commonest birds in Uganda and has a jet black with aloldscarlet patch on the chest and green head markings. This specie can be spotted in pairs and sometimes in large numbers within plants and flowers. It lives in a wide variety of forest edge, wooded valleys and cultivated land.  One can always stand a chance to see these beautiful bird spices in almost any birding site in Uganda

This is flightless specie and arguably the largest in the world, it’s endemic to Africa and only lives in the savannah areas, it has got huge feathers characterized by small head, massive legs and wings. It has two large forward pointing toes, this bird is unique and commonly found in the north east of Uganda where one can take a great chance of viewing it while on a tour to the great Kidepo valley national park and it’s other key attractions.

This bird species is in the family of meropidae, and it’s only found in tropical Africa. The bee –eater essentially lives in north-west Uganda and it breeds from the tall sand banks of Lake Albert and the Nile below Murchison falls national park

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