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Birding in Lake Mburo national park, Birding safaris in Lake Mburo national park
Grey crowned cranes in Lake Mburo national park
Lake Mburo national park is located in the western part of Uganda in Kiruhura district, 30 kilometers east of the largest city in the sub-region, Mbarara. Lake Mburo national park was gazetted as a national park in 1983 after being used as a hunting ground by the Bahima and later as a grazing field. Currently it is the smallest savannah conservation area in Uganda, meaning it is the smallest park in Uganda covering an estimated area of 260 square kilometers but with some distinctive attributes that are so unique from other national parks in Uganda.

Lake Mburo national park is well known for its unique mammals like the Zebras, Impala, Elands, Leopards, Buffalos, Warthogs, Jackals and others. Though this amazing national park is known for its zebras but it is also one of the incredible birding destinations in Uganda with over 310 bird species that have been sighted in this small savannah national park. The Lake Mburo national park will always leave you with need for more stay in this destination because it is the best place for acacia-dwelling birds, not forgetting the forest species that are commonly viewed with in the Rubanga forest.
One other remarkable attribute of Lake Mburo national park is the presence of the swamps of course with its amazing and spectacular six papyrus endemic birds including the Papyrus gonolek and the blue-headed coucal, don’t also forget that lake Mburo national park is a place that one can get the southern species in the northern limit of their range; get rewarded with clear sights of the black-collared barbet and the Abyssinian ground hornbill. This national park also hosts a varied number of the migratory birds that are commonly seen in the park during the months of November to April.
One destination that any birder shouldn’t miss is Lake Mburo national park just for her noticeable mammal species and a variety of birds, most notable species are always endemic to Uganda and some few are migratory. Some of the notable endemic species include;  the Shoebill stork with its attribute of inhabiting swamps and being quiet , gentle and standing on the point for long commonly described as a statue-like bird species, the Abyssinian ground hornbill is an occasional bird attributed to be one of the endemic and also migratory birds of the park, the greater painted snipe is one of the endemic species with its character of being a reserved bird, and  enjoys staying in reed beds along water shorelines of marshes, swamps, streams, and ponds. There are many endemic bird species but just to mention are these few.
The notable common species are; the African wattled lapwing, black-bellied bustard, and saddle billed stork, Brown-chested lapwing, bare-face go away bird, African scops owl, blue-headed coucal, among others.
Birding in Lake Mburo National park is a year round activity that is done in both the interior and on the peripheral of this national park, though June and July have less rain, March and April comprise of very heavy rain which tend to hinder the smooth running of activities resulting to limited time of the experience but interesting are the migratory birds from November to April.   

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